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rules, directives and customer specifications for boilers and pressure vessels.

Inspection and Certification

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for boilers, pressure vessels, nuclear components, valves, fittings and many others.

Notification according to Reg. (EU)
No. 305/2011 and of Leg.
Decree No. 106/2017

On April 6th, 2021 C&P got the accreditation to perform assessment and verification of constancy
of performance of construction products under EN 1090-1 Execution of steel structures
and aluminium structures - Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components

C&P landed in Thailand

We are very pleased to inform you that Thailand has been added to the C&P network with
the new entry inspector Pramote Peerapattana, an ASME Authorized Inspector, Authorized Inspector
supervisor and PED inspector with a remarkable experience on boilers and pressure vessels inspections.

The first accredited certificate ISO 19443: Quality Management System for Nuclear Energy Sector_Supply Chain in Italy.

We are proud to announce that C&P Srl has issued the first ISO 19443 certificate under accreditation to Mangiarotti S.P.A, the Italian manufacturing branch of @Westinghouse Eletric Company.
C&P, first and only certification body in Italy, among the big in the worldwide nuclear certification stream.


Authorized Inspections


Quality Management System Certifications


Pressure Vessel Certification


Welding and Welder Qualification


Authorized Italian Agency


Authorized Italian Agency


From September 1st, 2017 C&P has officially become the second Italian Authorized Inspection Agency.


Italian Inspection Agency

Founded in 2008, C&P Srl was set up as supplier of inspection services for pressure equipment according to ASME, PED, and main international Construction Codes.

Over the years C&P developed specific competences and shortly became one of the main national inspecting and certifying body, ranking among leading inspection agencies in terms of market share and quality of services supplied.

Fully aware of its competences, C&P now operates throughout Italy and abroad, providing a wide range of inspection and certification services for boilers, pressure vessels, nuclear components, valves and fittings.

Most of this success relies on its high qualified engineers and technicians mainly based in Italy and China who are Authorized Inspectors, Authorized Nuclear Inspectors, Authorized Inspector Supervisors, Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisors.

Furthermore, thanks to welding specialists, metallurgists and NDE Third Level, C&P offers welding-related services such as tests and welding certifications.

In 2014 C&P obtained MOM (Singapore) Accreditation and in 2015 DOSH (Malaysia) Accreditation, as well.

In order to guarantee a full service to its clients – focused on pressure equipment manufacturing- C&P was accredited according to ISO 17021 to certifying quality management system in compliance with ISO 9000 and later extended the accreditation even to ISO3834.

C&P’s team takes advantage of API (510-570-653), NACE and RBI highly qualified experts to cover all clients’ needs.

Further to detect issues, C&P focuses on analyzing solutions to better improve quality and efficiency of client’s production process, in order to guarantee a free pass to European and international markets.

C&P’s headquarter is  based in Lissone, close to Milan, which a strategic area for both national and international connections.

C&P is not financed by any state or public contribution. The financial support is given from its own inspection and certification activities only.

Inspection and Certification

Quality and Safety of

systems, processes and products.

Satisfying national and international requirements

will be easier with C&P’s support.

A team of experts at your service!


Team of experts at your disposal

C&P has know-how and organization needed to offer its clients complete solution process and concrete and continuous support in design verification and developing activities.

C&P therefore offers seriousness, professionalism, and long-standing experience of its team made up of persons who truly believe in what they daily do, standing closer to their clients to assist them at best in order to guarantee an entirely-satisfactory  and absolutely-competitive service.

C&P offers a wide range of services in order to help the manufacturer to meet the requirements of the ASME Code.

C&P will support its clients to be ready for the review and get ASME Certificates of Authorisation.

The ISO 9001 Certification is widly used in both private and public sectors in order to guarantee a high level of trust on services and products provided by the clients.

C&P is pleased to inform that in 2012 was accredited according to PED Directive 97/23/CE based on EN 45001 (now replaced by 17065). On July 23rd of the same year, C&P was registered by the Ministry of Economic Development as Notified Body withing the NANDO European Community (ID 2399).

Companies dealing with industrial welding processes shall operate in compliance with both client’s needs and referring standards.

These processes guarantee advantages in terms of safety, reliability and quality to manufatcurer and client, as well.

Companies operating in this sector shall qualify their operators and processes.

On December 2nd, 2013, C&P was accredited by MOM (Ministry of Manpower) as First Italian Agency authorized to conduct fabrication survey of pressure systems to be used in Singapore.

In May 2015, C&P Srl was accredited by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) as one of the first italian agencies authorized to perform inspections and certify pressure vessels to be marketed in Malaysia.


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As a result of numerous requests, C&P decided to share its know how with both companies and freelancers. C&P regularly schedules several courses at its Training Center.

To satisfy clients’ need at best, C&P also plans training classes to be given at client’s site.

The main focus is to provide a specific training on nationally and internationally mostly-used Construction Codes, welding and NDE of PED Directive.

Visit our training course calendar to know more.


Certificates issued


Inspections performed






National and International advantages

Obtaining a certification boosts benefits to companies not only within the international area but also among competitors. Consumer-protection focus guarantees quality and safety of the product.

Thanks to increasingly reliable media, the consumer is always more and more conscious and therefore it becomes very important to fulfil requirements required.

Certification guarantees compliance to stricter standards.

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